New Publication Explores 4D Dose QA

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Check out our new publication┬ácalled “Motion as a perturbation: Measurement-guided dose estimates to moving patient voxels during modulated arc deliveries,” published in the about-to-be-hot-off-the-press issue of Medical Physics (February 2013). This work was another great collaboration with┬áDr. Vladimir Feygelman and his team at Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, FL).

** Update February 11th ** This publication was recently named one of the “Editor’s Picks” for volume 40(2) of Medical Physics. This means that you can download the full paper PDF for free from the Medical Physics website.

This was a real labor of love for all of us. A tough bit of work, lots of moving parts (pun intended), but well worth the effort. And now the real fun begins…simulating clinical SBRT plans delivered to moving targets by highly dynamic rotating VMAT fields.

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