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Another Deep Dive Into AI Autosegmentation

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How about we take another deep dive into AI autosegmentation? What do you say?

We have a new C3RO dataset to work with featuring CT images for a GYN/female pelvis case. However, because the physician contours collected for this dataset were primarily for target volumes, not organs-at-risk (OAR), I say we do these sessions with a different focus. Let’s use this dataset anyway, but do AI autosegmentation overlays as well building and visualizing the results as 3D consensus maps for each submitted AI structure.

After all, it is very useful (and quite interesting) to understand how much variation we see from one AI model to another. Understanding variation is key to optimizing quality.

As before, for any vendor that “opts in” and submits their AI-generated anatomical structures, I’ll arrange a web-based interview and publish it as a podcast where we will discuss, well, whatever comes up!

Email me at if you want to submit data and participate in an interview. (Note: You can opt to do the former without the latter, if you wish, but the interviews are a lot of fun.)...