Patents Issued

Nelms, Benjamin E. “Benchmark System for Radiation Therapy Planning.” US Patent 9,463,336, filed October 11, 2013, and issued October 11, 2016. Assignee: Sun Nuclear Corp.

Nelms, Benjamin E., Kozelka, J., and Simon. W. E. “Systems and methods for composite dose quality assurance with three dimensional arrays.” US Patent 8,927,921, filed October 2, 2013, and issued January 6, 2015. Assignee: Sun Nuclear Corp.

Nelms, Benjamin E., and Simon. W. E. “Radiation therapy plan dose perturbation system and method.” US Patent 7,945,022, filed March 12, 2009, and issued May 17, 2011. Assignee: Sun Nuclear Corp.

Nelms, Benjamin E. “Dosimetry system and method for radiation therapy.” US Patent 8,130,905, filed November 20, 2008, and issued March 6, 2012. Assignee: Sun Nuclear Corp.

Nelms, Benjamin E. “Radiation therapy using beam modifiers placed against a patient’s skin.” US Patent 8,121,253, filed January 28, 2010, and issued February 21, 2012. Assignee: .decimal, Inc.

Nelms, Benjamin E., Miller, N., and Manion, J. “System for assessing radiation treatment plan segmentations.” US Patent 8,081,813, filed May 29, 2009, and issued December 20, 2011. Assignee: Standard Imaging, Inc.

Nelms, Benjamin E. “System and method for improved radiation dosimetry.” US Patent 8,173,968, filed February 17, 2011, and issued May 8, 2012. Assignee: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.


Selected Publications by Ben Nelms and Colleagues

[Ordered by publication date, most recent first]

Moghanaki D, Slotman B, Swaminath A, Nelms BE, Wang B. Assessing the Variability and Quality of Lung Stereotactic Radiation Therapy Treatment Plans Using a Web-Based Crowdsourcing Platform. Pract Radiat Oncol. 2019 Dec.

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Maser RS, Monsen KJ, Nelms BE, Petrini JH. hMre11 and hRad50 nuclear foci are induced during the normal cellular response to DNA double-strand breaks. Mol Cell Biol. 1997 Oct;17(10):6087-96.


Figure 1. Towards the end of graduate school at the Univ. of Wisconsin, I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Dr. John Petrini and his talented Genetics lab members. Using our radiobiology-dedicated synchrotron beamline and some special software tools I had developed, I was able to help them publish three seminal papers in the field of DNA repair post-irradiation, including our 1998 paper in Science. Pictured here is one of the exciting figures from that paper, showing co-localization of DNA double-strand breaks and their associated repair after irradiation with spatially “striped” soft x-rays. (Note: John Petrini is now the Director of The Functional Genomics Initiative at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.)