2016’s AAMD Contouring Workshop to be the best yet

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Pretty soon it will be June and the annual AAMD meeting in Atlanta will be one hot ticket!

We’re pretty proud of the educational agenda we’ve put together for this year’s AAMD Contouring Workshop. It includes elements and strategies that have succeeded in past workshops, combined with pretty much all the suggestions for improvement we have received from the past two years. Firstly, we’re allowing more time so that we maximize the “hands on” skills practice and interaction with each other and the experts. Secondly, the workflow of the workshop is tailor made to optimize learning. You will be contouring critical organs (thanks to MIM to donating workstations and their impressive contouring software), then hearing the incomparable Dr. Aaron Kusano give interactive lectures on each organ, then you will receive immediate feedback of your individual contours vs. the “gold standard” contours as scored by the StructSure software (thanks to Standard Imaging), and finally you will go back to the workstations to directly compare your contours to the gold standards and ask Dr. Kusano questions in real time during your review.

That’s the gist of it. It is going to be great and will set the bar even higher on the value of the workshop.

Here is a link to the AAMD page: AAMD 2016 Workshops

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