Building Profound Knowledge to Improve Patient Care.

I am proud to be one of the founders of the cloud-based system called ProKnow. ProKnow is short “Profound Knowledge,” a term that many of you will recognize from W.E. Deming’s famous “System of Profound Knowledge” to improve quality and pride in workmanship across any company, team, or project. ProKnow applies these principles, along with ground-breaking new cloud-based, interactive, ‘big data’ tools specialized for radiation oncology.

ProKnow allows the worldwide community to study, and ultimately improve, the standard of care in radiation oncology. We have powerful analytical modules to help you: ensure accurate anatomy contouring, quantify and study plan quality metrics, identify best practices, and ultimately correlate your methods and modalities with patient outcomes.

Here is the link to the ProKnow site for our RT-PACS, distributed tasks, and big data analytics medical device, and here is the link to the site for our cloud-based Quality Systems.

I am pleased to announce that ProKnow was acquired by Elekta at the end of August, 2019. Here is a link to the Elekta ProKnow product page hosted by Elekta.

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