p.d Software

Proton Therapy, Electron Conformal Therapy, Bolus, and IMRT

In the year 2000, I was proud to bring .decimal compensators and IMRT to market when I was with the TPS company formerly known as CMS. Years later, with my company Canis Lupus LLC, I was even prouder to help .decimal bring a solution to market for the users of Pinnacle, Eclipse and all other major planning systems with the software solution called “p.d.” In addition to IMRT, we made electron bolus a commercial reality (US Patent 8,121,253) along with proton apertures and range compensators. I was proud to co-develop p.d with .decimal all the way through version 4.2. Now, .decimal has a full staff of dedicated software and quality engineers, and they keep doing great things with p.d. Congratulations to CEO Richard Sweat and his .decimal family, and keep up the good work!

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