Golden Rule

Research Software for Visualizing and Analyzing Radiation Therapy Data



Golden Rule is a specialized software system for researchers, educators, and developers in the radiation therapy community. Golden Rule imports the complex digital medical data used in imaging (DICOM) and radiation therapy (DICOM RT) and offers a host of visualization and analysis tools customized to help us study, learn, and improve. Note: Golden Rule is not intended for clinical use or clinical decision support.

Golden Rule can (1) import local files, (2) receive data as a DICOM storage class user (SCU), and (3) integrate directly with the cloud-based ProKnow system offered by Elekta.

What tools does Golden Rule have? What can Golden Rule do? The answers, respectively: It has lots of tools and does lots of things! (Demonstration videos coming soon.)



To request a copy and free research license and to see a release summary, please contact me ( or click here to go the installer download and instructions.



Visit this page for instructions and training videos.


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