Golden Rule

Powerful, Customized, Education Software for Radiation Therapy Patients & Clinicians

“Golden Rule” software which is a specialized software system that imports complex digital medical data and automatically renders patient-specific education media for cancer patients and their families. Golden Rule produces an intuitive, media-rich, easy-to-use training guide to give to each of your patients – specific to their treatment, staff, methods, concerns, and interests. And for the busy clinical staff who use the Golden Rule media generation software, it’s very easy to customize and tailor to what your hospital and team of physicians wants to emphasize in the training. Golden Rule is a groundbreaking tool for personalized medicine in radiation therapy.

Electronic outputs can be reviewed in an browser, so they are easily accessed in the physician’s office, at a dedicated hospital kiosk, or at home on a tablet or computer. No special software needs to be installed to run the education module, and the patient can interact and train at any time and at their own pace.

Golden Rule is also a great tool to incorporate into physician residency programs, medical physics graduate programs, and medical dosimetry schools, allowing residents and students to learn about key aspects of modern imaging, planning, and treatment delivery key to radiation therapy.

To set up a demonstration or to purchase software licenses for your institution or school, please contact me via email.

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