Accurate Estimation of Absolute Dose using EPID Images

EPIDose (US Patent 8,130,905) has a neat history that goes back a ways. In the year 2001, I began a fruitful relationship with Bill and Jeff Simon (Sun Nuclear‘s President/Founder and CEO, respectively) while my friend Paul Jursinic and I were playing around with MapCHECK serial number 1 and publishing our findings. Through the years that followed, I kept in constant contact with Sun Nuclear, as I appreciated their personality of innovation and creativity (and of course their dosimeters). When Canis Lupus LLC launched in August of 2005, I wanted to match the great density and resolution of MV EPID data with the power of their expertise, diode arrays, and analysis tools. Thus was borne EPIDose. It became a staple feature in the Sun Nuclear “Patient QA” product line for over a decade.

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A Few Publications Utilizing or Relevant to EPIDose

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