R(e)volution in Pre-Treatment Dose QA

Benjamin E. Nelms is the inventor and lead designer for 3DVH (US Patent 7,945,022), a product owned and distributed by Sun Nuclear Corporation, the industry leader in radiation therapy dose QA devices. As early as the year 2000, when commercial IMRT starting finding its way, I found asking myself the question, “Are these conventional 3%/3mm passing rate metrics good enough? Do they really detect and predict meaningful errors? Do they ensure accuracy of these complex calculations and deliveries?” My gut said no, and the growing body of scientific literature supports this (see references below). But we’re all learning, and improving, and thanks to products like 3DVH, medical physicists worldwide have the power of accuracy and analytics at their fingertips to do what’s best for the industry. And for their patients.

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Recent Scientific Publications Featuring 3DVH (no particular order)

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