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Icarus Meetings (Oct. 23 and Nov. 6)

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Thanks to everybody for a great meeting this past Wednesday, where we went over future potential features. This helps pave the way for you to prioritize what new features and enhancements you want to help you achieve your goals and meet your needs.

The “running list” of future feature potentials has been posted to the Quality Reports site (click the “Downloads” link). Feel free to download it and review when you get time. Also, do not hesitate to contact me to add new requests. Please provide some details and an example use case scenario, if possible, to make sure your idea is interpreted correctly.

Also, the video of the meeting from two weeks ago (Oct. 23) was posted in the video portfolio.

Finally, for those of you who want the “Quality Link” easy FTP application to grab non-DICOM outputs from your TPS (e.g. beam/physics pages from Pinnacle or Eclipse), it is now provided on the downloads page as well. Just download the zip, and copy the executable to the PC where you have Quality Reports.┬áIt’s simple and easy to use, especially when used in conjunction with the “e-Stapler” feature of Quality Reports. You can merge Quality Reports EMR reports with your TPS and QA software outputs, easy as 1-2-3!