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Icarus Meeting (Oct. 16, 2013)

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I divided today’s meeting into two videos: 1) a short video summarizing an easy way to anonymize DICOM files, and 2) the Icarus walk-through example featuring the help (and data) of Claudia Kirschner, RTT, CMD, who works in Bridgeport, CT.

Both videos are posted in the video portfolio, which you can find here. In the 2nd video, we walk through a conversion of a fairly complex RTOG protocol (0236, Lung SBRT), and make some discoveries along the way about the challenges of translating the RTOG nomenclature into clear sub-metrics and score functions that comprise a Quality Reports “Plan Quality Algorithm.” But in the end we succeed....

Icarus Meeting (Oct. 9, 2013)

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I divided today’s meeting video up into two parts: 1) a short video summarizing the protocol downloads & sharing center sponsored by ROR, and 2) the Icarus walk-through example featuring the help (and data) of Steve Boyd, CMD. Both videos are posted in the video portfolio, which you can find here.

Another important item of business: the QR 1.1 Beta software has been updated and new installers have been posted to the secure “Downloads” link on the Quality Reports website. This new version has, among other enhancements: 1) the direct link to ROR’s protocols web portal (on the “Community” tab); 2) a new widget to quickly create isodose levels every 5, 10, or 20% based on a normalization/Rx dose you specify; 3) a “new look” to the DICOM data loading page, for clarity and workflow; and 4) a new metric option – dose to an ROI volume (cc) minus user-specified volume (cc), meaning you can quickly get the dose covering, say, the ROI total volume minus 0.03 cc, a technique sometimes used in RTOG protocols as an alternative to minimum dose to an ROI.

By the way, of the new features listed above, three of the four were recommended by one of you. (Thanks Scott, Anthony, and Kyle!) Keep the great ideas coming. These ideas have actually been added to the official Quality Reports [EMR] 1.1 design.

Thanks for the participation. Next week, I’m going to ask for a volunteer to help me with another interactive training/meeting. Feeling up to it? Just send me a note and I’ll get in touch with you.


Downloadable Protocols

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Great news! Radiation Oncology Resources (ROR) has posted a library of common protocols as free downloads to the radiation therapy community.

Go to the “protocols” web page at the ROR website, where you can watch a quick video, navigate body sites, and download RTOG protocols as both: 1) easy-to-read PDFs with the objectives and performance levels clearly graphed, and 2) templates that can be easily imported as automated “Plan Quality Algorithms” for Quality Reports [EMR] customers or Icarus [RT] research sites.

Great job, ROR!...

Icarus Meeting (Oct. 2, 2013)

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Great stuff today, team. Thanks for tuning in. A couple of quick updates for everyone:

1] Today’s meeting was recorded and has been added to the video portfolio, which you can find here posologie viagra 100 mg.

2] I will be updating the Icarus/Quality Reports software on the secure downloads site within a day or so. When you download the updated installer (either now or for future installers), it’s a piece of cake. You will not be starting from scratch, but rather just installing new changes based on feedback from you and other users and research partners. It usually  is done in a matter of seconds.

See you next Wednesday.